Hawley Crescent makes eating healthy simple by preparing all food from scratch, using fresh ingredients, low sodium and free of preservatives. We realize that people lead busy lives and often don’t have time to prepare healthy home cooked meals themselves on a daily basis. Think of us as a healthy and convenient alternative to fast food for those busy times on the run. Stop by the cafe at 105 Consumers Drive in Whitby to grab a fresh meal or pickup some of our prepackaged meals for future use. Simply heat and eat – most meals are ready in as little as seven minutes.

about the chef

Roger Searle is a professional Chef with over 20 years of cooking experience. Roger is a Flavour profiler who is passionate about the food that he cooks for others. The idea to become a chef came innocently enough from the mouth of his daughter who said “Dad, you really should cook for people”. From this Roger enrolled in culinary school and acquired the necessary credentials needed and has spent five years both cooking and managing in a fast paced casino to fully gain the experience needed to become a personal chef / entrepreneur. He has turned his passion into his full time commitment, by putting his complete efforts and attention to Hawley Crescent Culinary Services.

Roger has a great deal of experience cooking for people with special dietary needs. His own family consists of Celiac, vegetarian, vegan and difficult / picky eaters. Because of this, Roger has the knowledge and ability to tailor meals to meet almost any and every dietary requirement out there and wants to assist people in eating healthy for a better, healthier lifestyle.